Brown Grease to Landfill

"Grease Trap Waste is considered hazardous waste in a growing number of jurisdictions. The Price to dump the grease trap waste has become more expensive with tipping fees. This moderate cost is passed directly to the restaurants"

Grease Interceptor
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Think About this:

Fill-up an in-ground grease interceptor with restaurant grease

Pump-out the grease interceptors when 25% full (standard)

Pump-out the grease interceptor 4 times per year

One (1) gallon of soybean oil weighs 7.68 pounds

1000 gallon grease interceptor - 7,680 lbs - brown grease to landfill / yr

1500 gallon grease interceptor - 11,520 lbs - brown grease to landfill / yr

2000 gallon grease interceptor - 15,360 lbs - brown grease to landfill / yr

5000 gallon grease interceptor - 38,400 lbs - brown grease to landfill / yr

*** Brown grease will weigh more than pure soybean oil ***

Brown Grease

Definition - Brown Grease (Future Landfill)

grease interceptor full

Fat, oils, grease, (FOG) and food solids that rot and increase in content within passive grease traps and grease interceptors from foodservice facilities. Brown grease is commonly referred to as grease trap waste or grease sludge. Brown grease attracts cockroaches from the sanitary sewer system. Brown grease is a never ending source of food for cockroaches.

Yellow Grease

Definition - Yellow Grease (Future Biodiesel)

Deep Fryer Grease

Waste vegetable oil (WVO) from deep-fryers is classified as yellow grease. When restaurants need to change their deep-fryer oil, (at least one time per week) the waste vegetable oil is put into a bin out back of the restaurant. Restaurants are payed for their WVO by waste vegetable oil recyclers. (Sanimax and Rothsay in Canada)

Waste Vegetable Oil is what thieves are stealing from outside the back of restaurants at night. Waste Vegetable Oil or yellow grease is a commodity on the stock market.

Yellow Grease

As well, Fats, oils, and Grease, (FOG) that are recovered from a grease recovery device (GRD) is yellow grease.

Yellow grease from GRDs contains minimal food solids therefore no decay, rot, or rancid odours. Yellow grease from a GRD is considered "Liquid Gold" to biodiesel manufacturers. Water content and food particles in yellow grease from a GRD are insignificant. (less than 1 percent)

Yellow grease has grown to a half-billion dollar per year industry

Yellow grease is Recyclable for Biodiesel

Grease Trap / Interceptor Pumping

grease interceptor lid grease interceptor lid grease trap pumping grease interceptor pumping

Passive grease traps and grease interceptors should be cleaned or pumped out every 4-6 weeks. Grease Trap pumping rarely occurs on a regular schedule. Many restaurants commit to grease trap pumping when the odour from the interceptor becomes intolerable.

FOG (Fats, oils, and grease) is an organic substance made from animal fats and plants. Imagine, a chicken breast left on the counter for 1 week. The chicken would rot and decay. The rancid smell would be unbearable. The same principle applies with grease traps and grease interceptors within a restaurant facility. The restaurant grease and food solids transform into unrecyclable brown grease. When brown grease from passive grease traps is pumped out, the brown grease has no value. Brown grease impacts landfill and hazardous waste sites in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

grease trap pumping

A grease trap pumping truck is a large and annoying inconvenience to any dining facility. When grease trap pumping occurs the restaurant kitchen can not operate. A large hose is brought inside the kitchen to pump-out the brown grease from the grease interceptor. The pumping noise is extremely loud. Grease interceptor pumping will usually occur from the outside of the restaurant. The noise of grease trap pumping will always be an annoyance to the staff and the clientele.

Grease trap pumping is not free. The price of gasoline is rising with no signs of decrease. The cost to send a grease trap pumping truck to a restaurant facility is also increasing. Owning a passive grease trap will require the restaurant to pay a yearly grease trap pumping contract.

The perpetual cost of grease trap / interceptor pumping, rancid odors, unsafe work conditions, as well as the environment impact from brown grease should be factored in to the running of a succesful restaurant operation.

Brown Grease Landfill Statistics

A small restaurant has a 50 lb grease trap. The grease trap should be pumped or cleaned out 8-12 times per year. (recommended) A restaurant alone would put 400 lbs of brown grease per year into city landfill sites. If there are 100 restaurants in your city, then 40,000 lbs of brown grease is deposited to landfill annually.

2010 City Restaurant Permits

  • The City of Barrie issued 153 restaurant licenses
  • The City of Niagara Falls issued 280 restaurant licenses
  • The City of St. Catharines issued 170 restaurant licenses
  • The City of Mississauga issued over 1500 restaurant licenses
  • The City of Brampton issued over 1100 food handling licenses
  • The City of Oakville issued over 500 food shop licenses
  • The City of Oshawa issued 580 food shop licenses
  • The City of Kingston issued 350 food premises licenses
  • How Many Cities and Towns in Ontario, Canada, America?

The amount of brown grease to landfill will continue to rise

Brown grease takes hundreds of years to biodegrade

Grease Interceptor

Annually, Tons of Ontario brown grease is needlessly shipped to Mexico for landfill disposal. Landfill or Biofuel. Your Choice!

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Cockroach feed

Cockroaches feast on Brown Grease from Grease Interceptors

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Canadian Grease Trap waste to landfill - Millions of Kilograms annually

Brown Grease in Sewer

Brown Grease from Passive Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors contribute to landfill Waste

... and restaurants are still willing to pay for pumping!

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Grease Interceptor and Grease Trap Pumping is unnecessary with todays innovative technologies

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